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The New Years Series: Forming Healthy Habits

Posted by Arianna on

Happy New Years!! Hopefully everyone had a very fun, event filled New Years. We stayed in with the family and watched movies but this year, but it was great nonetheless. So let’s have a chat. As we prepare for 2015 you always see people making resolutions. They are going to work out more, eat better. In the studio, we set goals for the year. “I want to get my triple pirouette”, or “I want to move up to Advanced Partnering”, “I’m going to work out outside of the studio”, etc. Often times we do great for a month or two and then begin to slack off with our resolutions. Our goals become things of the past.

I have found that for me, this is in large part to making such lofty goals for myself all at once. I’m much more successful when I work on one or two things at a time and buildup throughout the year. Rather than creating resolutions, form new healthy habits, and I think that you will be much more successful. I have. Eventually your triple pirouette will be as easy as the double used to be. Eventually, working out in the mornings will come as second nature and then you can work towards new goals. Your goals will be attainable if your attitude and your lifestyle facilitates them. You just have to get there