About Us


Charms designed by dancers for dancers

Welcome to Incentives Inc.

I am the owner, Narica Collesso. I am the mother of two dancers who work with me to design and create beautiful keepsakes for other dancers. We work to create products for dancers designed by dancers. 

When my girls began to dance, I did like most other moms. I bought them t-shirts and flowers to reward them for their hard work and a job well done. But t-shirts become too small and flowers die eventually. I was constantly searching for something that would last. In 2001, my family moved to South Carolina and my girls began to dance under the instruction of Barbara Selvy. It was there that I came across Nutcracker Jewelry by Incentives, a collection that she had founded in 1996. I was hooked. Each charm was an original design and was created in a traditional “Nutcracker” pose and costume. I expressed interest in the company should she ever choose to sell. In 2005, Barbara sold me Nutcracker Jewelry by Incentives.

Under my direction, the Nutcracker Collection expanded to include a number of new charms, but we were constantly asked for charms that were not solely related to Nutcracker. We had requests for ballet dancers, tap dancers, modern dancers, etc. I realized that other mothers were looking for the same things, keepsakes that would last, and that not all of their studios participated in The Nutcracker. I began to work with my girls and their dance teachers to create designs that would meet this demand. I needed new charms that would excite young dancer who did not participate in The Nutcracker. Dance Jewelry by Incentives was born.
Incentives Inc. is run from a studio in Greenville, SC. with the mission of providing quality keepsakes for dancers by dancers. We are so grateful to our customers and to outlets such as Etsy that allow us to keep doing what we love, creating products for dancers by dancers.

 Our signature dance jewelry collection was featured in the December 98 issue of "Dance Magazine"

Our Signature Nutcracker Ballet Dance Jewelry Collection was created by a Ballet Mistress.  Each original dance jewelry design was created with the traditional pose and costume.